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No matter if you find your business in the middle of nowhere or you have a strictly created plan we will boost you at every step of the way.


Mate Advertising is the logical sequel of marketing masters experience advertising masons and communications engineers they had accumulated through the years of working for someone else. Driven by the idea of freedom, we all dared to build a structure never built in order to deliver performance never delivered before. Our shared vision has become our rock-solid foundation our clients bravely step on.
“Our secret is hidden in the attitude to detail”, Vladimir Tsvetkov, Contractor and Marketing Leader

_______________________________________________________________ When building any kind of construction you know you will need a solid foundation. Therefore, you want it to be stable, storm-resistant and reliable. Having a secret formula in mind we mixed the right proportion of expertise, entrepreneurship and visionary to get a solid, crisis-friendly and lasting substructure our clients can be confident to put their business over. _______________________________________________________________ Mate Advertising is not the next advertising agency. Mate Advertising is a brand new advertising entrepreneurship business model which unites some of the best freelancers in Bulgaria. Take a look at our team and you will find that you have a huge list to choose from. And yes - this is the vision we stand for - to create a place where freedom of art and freedom of choice live together. _______________________________________________________________ The reason so many professionals got to believe in our idea is that they have already experienced the quality of our work and they have felt the pleasure of hearing “You are awesome” as a client's’ reference. Because at the end of the day, we are all working for money we invest in our personal image. So, we require nothing but excellence from ourselves.

  • Empowered sales

    During the campaigns made by us you will need to produce more

  • Top-of-mind

    Buying you more, they think of you more

  • Loyalty growth

    Knowing you more, they start to trust you

  • Brand Recognition

    And every customer knows well the name of his trusted brands

  • Response Rate

    That’s why he responds them every time he’s been asked to

  • Returning Clients

    These achievements make our clients pretty happy

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You can choose to do many things at the same time and be ordinary or you can choose to do just one thing at a time and be extraordinary. Our Brigade is made of a different kind of freelance professionals, but all of them have one privilege in common - they’re all masters of their arts.
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Vladimir Tsvetkov

Contractor and Marketing Leader
#MarriedToSales #InLoveWithHighestResults #PassionForProblemSolving #GameChangerForGood #AlwaysPutHimselfInTheClientsShoes #FutureTellingTalented #SoHonestItHurts #KillerSenseOfHumor
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Victor Zahariev

CGI Master
#PassionForDesign #InLoveWithPhotography #InRelatonshipWithAdobeIllustrator #ComputerGraphicEffectsInFilms #ObsessedByVideoEditng #FocusedInBeauty #PremiumStyleDriven #WorkHardPlayHardFan
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Creative & Design
#IReallyDoLikeMyJob #DevotedToDesign #InLoveWithMySelf #AdobeCreativeSuitJunkie #ObsessedByTheSea #HookedByTheMountains #IntoReallyLongWalks #IAmLuchoLalev
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Peter Boyanov

Digital Marketing
#InLoveWithNumbers #ObsessedByOptimisation #FocusedInConsumerBehaviour #MarriedToKeywords #GoogleDataDriven #CostPerClickOriented #TalkingToNumbersTalented #DeatiledResearchingFan
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Ivaylo Nikolov

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Vladimir Slavkov

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Nadya Stefanova

Office manager
#PositiveAttitudeDriven #PassionForNegotiations #DeliciousFoodFan #MarriedToPatience #ClientIsAlwaysRightOriented #InRelationshipWithNature #FocusedInFindingTheReason #ObsessedByTheatre
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Neda Malcheva

Graphic Artist
#PassionForPainting #ObsessedByMotherhood #MarriedToColours #InRelationshipWithHerTablet #InLoveWithArts #SmileyFacesOriented #FocusedInNotBeingFocused #HandMadeFan
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Mariela Zoteva

Legal Consultant
#InARelationshipWithLaw #PassionForSkiing #FocustInHighestResults #NoMistakesMadeDriven #InspiredByBooks #TurnYourDreamsIntoGoalsOriented #InLoveWithNaturalBeauty #ChocolateBigestFan


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